It's Time to Take Back Your Power

Investment for this two-hour teleseminar workshop is just  $37.00.

If you've been the victim of abuse, if you've been through a traumatic experience or if you've suffered severe adversity in your life,you may feel powerless, hopeless and even overwhelmed by life. Most probably you've either forgotten you are powerful or you don't believe you ever were powerful. Perhaps you have a boss, co-worker, spouse, partner, family member or friend who is unable to honor you and your unique gifts.

Read What Others Have to Say About Marcia's Work

 Diah Wymont - **********

There are a few definitions of a "healer" in the dictionary.
"a person or thing that mends or repairs something" "something that alleviates a person's distress or anguish"
Marcia has been an enormous aid in helping me repair myself to my true nature - not mending it but restoring me to me. Helping me let go of the unwanted and know what I want-
yet not close the door on my past- but gain from it the knowledge and empowerment to move forward. By going on this journey with Marcia, not only have I alleviated much of my distress and anguish that was keeping me stuck, I have learned how to use such deterrents - surrender them to God and the Angels, to move forward finding and giving joy to myself and others.
You hear the term Life changing all the time… I don't believe anyone can change your life but you and your Higher Power. What I do believe is that you can learn life changing tools,

********** ten stars! and I encourage not just recommend others to Marcia.. if you want any tools to transform your life!

Tina Marlin - *****
I've had several sessions with Marcia and feel this has been a great benefit to me. Some of my 'old stuff' from ex-husband(s) had really been holding me back when it comes to manifestation. We've removed those blockages bit by bit. There may be more to be removed, but I feel we've made great strides already.

She really takes the time to learn t
he history, and to figure what is happening then she digs right in!

I highly recommend.

If you're ready to become the powerful creator you came here to be,it's time to stop giving away your power. It's time to stop letting people walk all over you and it's time you learned how to be the person you came here to be. Rise up from the ashes of your defeat and shine.

Investment for this two-hour teleseminar workshop is just  $37.00.

That's why it's imperative that you learn who you are, a powerful creator as you learn how to take back the power you didn't realize you were giving away. What you were never taught or if you were taught you've forgotten, is that everyone, including you, is powerful, that you have free will and that you can make good decisions for yourself.

In this workshop you will learn:

What true power is and how you can reclaim yours.

What the most powerful force in the universe consists of.

Why being powerful does not equal being mean, selfish or uncaring.

Why every heart-centered person needs to be powerful.

Why being powerful is necessary for you to succeed.

Why it's more important than ever that you recognize yourself as powerful.

and Why the world wants you to remain adrift in the delusion that you are powerless.

This workshop is not about:

Using power to force others to do something against their will.

or Using your power to manipulate people. places or things.