Message From Your Angels

What does the future hold for you? What can you do to enhance your life today and what messages do the angels have for you? The angels want to have a personal relationship with you so they can help you move forward in every area of your life, all you have to do is ask.

You will receive an audio recording of your message as well as a thirty minute session with me.

Schedule today to receive your personal angel writing and get the help you desire to move every aspect of your life forward.

* A complimentary fifteen minute consultation is required prior to your session.

 Coaching From The Heart

Click on any of the links below to be re-directed to a complete description of the class. All classes are presented live and then recorded so you may listen live or whenever it best fits your schedule.

Empathic Empowerment Workshop

Take Power Back Class

Letting Go of Regret

Stop Self-Sabotage

Heart Meditation Class

  Angel Class

Love 28 Free

Establish a healthy relationship with the past and let go of everything that no longer serves you.

Release Your Pain Class

Tap into the power of the eclipse to release your pain and gain a fabulous relationship with your authentic self.

Classes From The Heart

Deepen your relationship with your self and Source by reaching in with this powerful and inspiring meditation.

Message From A Departed Loved One

Are you missing someone who was close to you? Do you long to know they are safe and happy? Are you seeking their advice or comfort? Let me bring you that message you have been longing for and bring you the closure and comfort you so desire.

You will receive an audio recording of your message and a thirty minute session with me.

Schedule today to receive the message from your loved one that you have been longing to hear.

* A complimentary fifteen minute consultation is required prior to your session.

You came here to be a powerful presence in the world. Establish a harmonious relationship with your personal power.

Your most important relationship will always be the one you have with yourself, show yourself some love today.

Understanding your core values will enable you to create a positive, harmonious relationship with who you really are.


  Tools for Spiritual Success

Give yourself everything you need to succeed on the spiritual journey. Stop wandering in the desert of uncertainty and establish a great relationship with your spiritual self.

Communication From The Heart

The Spiritual Heart Healing Techniqueis a proprietary method that helps everyone build the kinds of relationships they have always wanted.  By clearing and healing the heart center, the largest energetic field in the body where every memory and all emotional triggers are stored you are able to develop and maintain good relationships in every area of your life.

It's only possible to make positive, self-affirming choices that support you and all of your relationships when the heart has been cleared of trauma and limiting beliefs. A heart that is burdened by guilt, fear, doubt, shame or self-criticism cannot maintain positive, personal relationships.

If you are pursued by the past, fear the future or are unable to make peace with the present and enjoy this moment then it's time to schedule your complimentary consultation. Give yourself the gift that will never stop giving. It's time for you to become the person you were meant to be, uncover the magnificence that is truly you and live the life of your dreams.

Connect with a develop a relationship with the angelic and energetic realm.

How To Defeat The Demon Of Fear

Learn how to use fear as a motivator instead of an immobilizer. Clear your limiting beliefs, negative thinking and what-ifs and establish a powerful relationship with your authentic self.

Angelic Assistance for Every Relationship!

No matter whether you're at home or at work chances are you're interacting with other people. Sometimes those exchanges will be fun and uplifting but other times they can be downright painful. When the relationship turns sour don't fight, retreat, blame or shame and make the relationship worse. Instead, call on the angels and let them help you work out a peaceful solution that improves the relationship instead of destroying it.

The angels are masters of peace. If you're tired of being misunderstood, sick of apologizing or having your feeling hurt and you're ready to take back your power bring the angels into every contentious situation. Whether it's for love, work or play it's always more rewarding when you have an angel by your side. Put away your boxing gloves, dry your eyes and patch up your broken heart, the angels are here to help you navigate even the most turbulent emotional storms.

Angelic Relationship Modality:

You will learn how to ask the angels to help you with every one of your relationships. This technique takes the pain out of every disagreement and helps you to see both sides of every argument. You will be able to release your anger, let go of your resentment and move toward reconciliation without having to swallow the bitter pill of regret. Feel good about your relationships all of the time by sharing your frustrations safely and privately with your own personal angels.

Sign up now and start feeling powerful in every situation you encounter. Your happiness is too important to wait.

Special Bonus Modality: How to Know If You're Being Told Not to Do Something

Often times you may have a catch in your energetic field when you consider moving forward with a particular idea or project but how do you know if the angels are telling you not to do something or if you're responding to a limiting belief you may be holding regarding the situation that's holding you back.

The angels are never hiding the truth from us, but we are often unable to discern what they may be trying to share. This method will show you how to determine when the angels are sending you a  message and when you're the one standing in your own way.

Live your life with confidence, by knowing when and how to clear the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and when to take another route toward your goal.

Class Times To Be Announced

Establish a relationship with and understand your empathic gift.