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It's time to let go of regret, blame, shame and guilt. It's time to dump disappointment and negativity from your life so that you, too, are free to prosper. I'll show you how to do just that in this two-hour workshop via teleseminar so you can say goodbye to feeling bad and hello to feeling great. Investment in your prosperity is just $37.00. Replay now available

These are the moments that are holding you back from claiming everything that belongs to you. They're stealing your birth-right, your dreams and your prosperity because their heavy energy is holding you stuck.

In this class you'll identify what is holding you back both consciously and subconsciously.

Then you'll release that energy and transform it both physically and symbolically.

Next you'll identify what you do want and give wings to your dreams.

And finally, you'll learn how to nurture those dreams, protect them from the dream stealers and discover how to manifest more of what you do want.

We've all made mistakes,we've all experienced crippling setbacks and mistreatment at the hands of others, but we cannot allow the past to define the present.

It's time to live your life in a way that feels good to you. Join me and learn how you, too, can be living the life of your dreams. Investment for this two-hour teleseminar is just $37.00. Replay now available!

Letting Go of Regret so You Can Prosper

Linda Oviedo - My family and I are being deeply healed by Marcia's uncanny ability to open new doors and dimensions that connect us all back to source. Before working with Marcia, my husband, son and I were depressed, confused, unfocused, and not united as a family. We were struggling to make ends meet spiritually, emotionally, and connect as a family. Each one of us had our own unique set of circumstances and needs that conflicted with one another creating chaos and lack of harmony in our family. We have been in her heart-centered therapy program now for 6 months and things have changed dramatically in our family and our lives. We're back on track and thriving as individuals and a family unit. She has saved our lives and family, and for that we are eternally grateful. This has been the best investment in our success we have ever made! If you're in trouble of ANY kind, you'd be wise to invest in getting yourself a solution! I can't recommend her enough and will have eternal gratitude for what she's done for us. We all continue to work with her and get our tune-ups as needed. We simply adore her!!!

Valentina Goward - Had an amazing session I am so impressed with the beautiful work she has done I am 53 years old for 19 years I've been seen every kind of doctor and Marcia was the only one I knew what was wrong with me I am so grateful that she took the time to talk with me and so sweet and kind and very understanding I am truly grateful ✨ ✨

Roxanne Sjogren - I talked to her today, and I believe that she or I was sent to each other. She is selfless in her communication and is so heartfelt, as she does center on the core. Our hearts. I am from Saskatchewan Canada and live a pretty quiet life, but that's not what has gone on in my head and in my past life. She cleared away in just a small time a lot of blocks that have been weighing me down for thirty plus years. I am very comfortable with her voice because voices also say a lot for me anyway. Her connection is real and genuine and her encouragement of thing's she said the way she said them came clearly through. Her helpful technique's or tools that she offered well be remembered because it was a clear message and I can't forget that. I Thank You for Helping and aiding me in my progress and development in my life. I know I was definitely meant to speak to you. Thank You Gratitude And Appreciation for this connection. Love and Light And Blessings to you, my friend. :)))))) Roxanne.

Perhaps your dealing with a physical challenge, a financial challenge or a personal relationship challenge,  no matter what you're trying to conquer the answer lies within the energy of regret.

We've all had our share of regrets. Those times when we've done or said something that we're not proud of. Those times that live on in our memories as blame, shame, guilt and even fear. Those heavy burdens that we're longing to put down but just can't seem to let go of no matter how hard we've tried in the past.