Sarah Victoria Leopard - Marcia is totally connected and one hundred percent authentic. I absolutely loved working with her and would recommend her to anyone wishing to pursue energetic or spiritual healing and needs support along the way. Her kindness, generosity of spirit and sense of both humor and realism speak for themselves. Let Marcia's talents inspire you & help you heal - you'll soon see what I mean!

Robert Landolt -I'm not exactly sure where to start in my story with the marvelous Marcia Martin... I first saw some of her posts on Facebook a couple of months ago. Eventually, I made the effort to connect with her for her complimentary consultation. From the first conversation, we connected on numerous levels. It was as if we had known each other for lifetimes as we talked about many aspects of my life--the good and the not so good.

I was the product of a semi-classical dysfunctional home of the 60's and 70's--complicated by parental alcoholism and rage/anger issues. Although my parents didn't try to be less than adequate guardians and role models, they in fact were. I, being the oldest child and the only boy, probably endured the brunt of my parent's dysfunction.

I developed many inappropriate traits and also suffered addiction and codependent issues. I 
sought the forms of recovery available in my twenties and made significant progress into my mid-fifties. Even though I was sober nearly thirty years by the Grace of God, there were still unsolved dilemmas I had been trying to address. My lingering adult-child and codependent issues had seen only minimal progress in the past several years before Marcia came into my life--and my rescue!

Within a few sessions of working with her, we uncovered and addressed issues that had been buried five decades. With Marcia's help, I was able to find, communicate with, and understand my inner children that had been so long neglected in my psyche. Marcia's gifts of intuitive perception and her loving thorough approach produced light years of progress in only a few sessions. Besides freeing my mind from its unhealthy programming of my youth, we were able to unleash many of my higher traits and gifts to share with the universe. With her expert guidance and exquisitely loving nature, I am finally living and FEELING the way all humans are meant to.

Although our regular sessions are nearing completion, our soul connection will never cease. Our encounter and divinely guided work together, are absolutely among the best things that have ever happened in my life. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you, my dearest Marcia. Thank you so much, and thank you God and your Agents for the biggest miracle in my life so far. Love to you always Marcia, and may God bless you immensely!

Your friend eternally,


Patrick Hayne - Original post-November 2015: In 2014 I moved from Colorado to Los Angles. I was a young Injured boy who suffered from a major lack of self-love. I was living in a house full of boys all trying to survive and succeed in the Hollywood lifestyle. I was always trying to find ways to motivate my self and was always trying to find my 0 point (just being neutral, otherwise I was a mess). I was an alcohol abuser, drug abuser (Cocaine, Marijuana, MDMA, Prescription drugs) and I was severely unhappy and felt a deep deep deep burning of wanting. I just wanted so badly to be loved and appreciated and held and seen. I felt that no one could see me and no one would love me because I was damaged goods, I was unlovable, I was bad for people and I should stay out of their lives and avoid them, or they would hurt me so I should keep my guard up. Well... When my ship finally hit the LA and I sought out the first acting coach who would skyrocket me to success and the Celebrity 
lifestyle. I was motivated. I burned with passion and fire. I was going to make it and I was going to make it in a month. It was MY TIME and I was going to take it. My acting coach had us work a monologue as one of our exercises and that day changed my life forever. At the very end of the class, he was lecturing about many things beautiful (acting) when he sighted us for questions. How was my monologue? I asked with great confidence. He read me like a book. "Ohh you poor things... You are going to quit Patrick." Howard said. I froze… what did he mean by this? "You look so diligently for other's approval because you so badly want to be good. You don’t love yourself." 'You will drive yourself to quit, you poor thing." I wanted to die! It never left me. I drove home sad, upset, frustrated, I couldn't understand what had happened. The months went by and we did more rigorous work pushing the emotional envelope as the process moved further and further along. Eventually, my work became more and more frustrating and burdensome; I started to get stressed all the time, anger was always burning in the layers of my skin. I was going to quit. He was so fucking right, I was going to quit and it would be all my fault and I would have killed myself over it. I contemplated the ways I would. I was dying on the inside and out. Eventually, it got to the point where I was lost and hopeless. I begged for the Universe, for god, for someone to come and help me with this drudgery that was my life. Then one day this woman came with a piece of paper and on it was a story. The story told of a boy who was mistreated and unloved, a boy who was lost and had been hurt at a very young age, a boy whom always tried to give all of his love to others and no love to himself, and a boy who was never taught how to be loved. I broke, my heart hit the floor; she was so exact about so many things that had happened to me in my life. About my father and how our relationship had always been one of physical distress and constant confrontation. How I was the poster child in my family for making up for the love that my family lacked. It was absurd. She knew things I had never told anyone...anyone!! She said to me. "Patrick I am going to bring you down to the bottom and I am going to build you back up into the strong wonderful man that you are deep inside (makes me cry thinking about it). Today I walk proudly down the street knowing that I am becoming that strong loving man more and more every day. Knowing that someone is there seeing me (me), that someone is there understanding me, that someone is there appreciating me, and that someone is there helping (Marcia and me!). I learned that deep down inside I am beautiful, I am successful because I am me, I am happy because I should be, and that I am loved because I am worthy. My acting career is creating wakes in front of me! My love life for the first time ever feels like it is actually in a good place. I couldn't be more grateful for the gift that Marcia gave me, my life! Thank you, Marcia, for being the Angel that you are. The Mother God who spreads her gifts of love throughout this whole world. I love you and will always be great full for all the times we have shared as colleagues in this journey of life.
Yours truly;
Patrick Hayne Reardon
P.s. May your family be blessed with love, prosperity, riches, and togetherness. You deserve it and so does the people you love.

UPDATE: Thursday, October 06, 2016 I have introduced many friends and other actors to Marcia's service and I personally have witnessed the magical transformation these actor's gain from doing this deep work. I look back on the time I shared with Marcia and all the tools she taught me and I am able to live life from a 
healthy standpoint with skills that now give me the privilege to help others. It has been about 2 year's since my last session with Marcia and one of the biggest things she wanted me to gain out of my therapy was not only autonomy from my family but also autonomy from her as well. She is the kind of therapist who wants you to grow and utilize her skills to become an individual who can take on the challenges of life from a loving, forgiving, and accepting perspective. I could never pay back the teachings that this magical being has bestowed upon me! Thank you again, Marcia, for being such a wonderful teacher and friend!





It's not fear's fault!

Fear is not to blame. In fact fear is powerless. Until it's assigned power, fear doesn't have any power at all, not one drop.

Fear has nothing, it is nothing and it would continue to be nothing if no one paid it any attention

Unfortunately, fear is thought to be bigger than life, in control and unavoidable and this gives everyone a reason to believe that there's actually something to be afraid of.

Isn't it time to learn how to put fear in its place? Wouldn't it be lovely to know what to do when fear comes knocking? 

It's not the power to create that diminishes when thoughts become fearful and negative, it's wisdom

Foolish actions are often the result of fear-based thinking and it's time to be wise as well as powerful.

Take a minute to look at what's really being said when a negative remark is made. The young student who says, "I'm not smart enough," is really saying, "I'm afraid I'm not smart enough so I'll feel safer if I don't even try." The man or woman who says, "I'm not going to apply for that job because I'm underqualified," is really saying, "I'm afraid I'll be disappointed, embarrassed or shamed in front of my peers, loved ones, etc." However, what each one of these statements has in common is a reference to an unknown outcome, an event in the future that may or may not happen. In these examples fear immobilized the people from claiming the success they desired and deserved because fear prevents many things while it promotes unhappiness, depression and shame which ensures that the fear cycle will continue. 

Afterall, a person who's too afraid to try isn't going to be motivated enough to become a super success!

Isn't it time to turn it around, to have tools that will defeat the demon of fear and make success a daily habit? The situation isn't causing the fear, the circumstance is neutral, it's the fear of the circumstance that's causing it to become fearful.

I spent most of my life being afraid!

I spent all of my childhood and most of my adult life being scared. I was afraid of anything that was bigger than me and since I was feeling pretty small, that was most everything. 

I lived my life warding off disasters, always trying to get out in front of the thing I feared the most. That thing that was coming to get me or my family. Surprisingly, I was successful but I never felt safe. Then one day, the worst happened, I had to face my deepest fear. I was shaking in my shoes, I made mistakes, I caused more discomfort in an already uncomfortable situation and my fear-based thinking and negative mindset meant that the challenge would go on and on. But finally, I got tired of feeling powerless and went to my angels for help. Now I have the tools that will help everyone defeat the demon of fear. Armed with these tools, you'll be able to get out in front of every fear and make the wise choice, instead of the choice fear is advocating.

What's Causing the Fear?

First, it's necessary to identify the things that are causing the fear, keeping sleep at bay and causing distress. What is it that's transforming life into something to be avoided at all cost? Why does fear have a stranglehold and what, if anything can be done about it?

Here's the good news, there's a solution for every problem

It may be necessary to go through a period of growth, of discomfort and of challenge but that doesn't mean life ends. It merely indicates a new beginning, a time when the fear that controlled life is now being controlled. It won't happen by chance. It cannot happen without the right tools or with the wrong mindset but it's now possible to defeat fear with tools that are readily available to everyone.

Practical Solutions are available and paramount to success

I know that I'd still be living in fear and controlled by fear if I didn't find a way to take charge, to identify my fears, to determine what I could do now, in this present moment with only the resources that were available to me at that time. If fear is going to be successfully defeated it has to be addressed. Sweeping it under the rug will only make it grow bigger until fear is all there is.

As long as fear is allowed to remain powerful, it will be undefeatable

Concrete results are the only way to defeat fear. Everything else is only ineffectual chatter. In this class, we'll be learning and applying tools that will provide real solutions to any problem, whether it's real or imagined. The mind can't tell the difference between real or imagined events so it's necessary to defeat both sides of the equation. As long as fear is considered more powerful than everything else, it will continue to be so.

Some of the things that make us feel safe and powerful are the ability to have a sense of certainty about the future, having a routine that makes success inevitable and being grateful for all that is. Then we need to take a leap of faith and commit to an action that can only be completed if we are, indeed, successful.

Accomplishing something with what we already have is not enough to keep fear at bay, so it's time to plan for future success

Once an action has been executed successfully, there's a measure of comfort, a feeling of being victorious over fear, but, fear can only remain defeated if we take the next step and learn how to assert spiritual authority. In this three-phase program, that addresses all the levels of fear from identification to a successful resolution, there is a final step and that's preparation for tomorrow. Instead of being fear's handmaiden and working against your own best interest, it's time to prepare to be successful and assert spiritual authority. What good is accomplished by living in fear? Yet, what good comes of conquering that fear if there's no game plan for tomorrow? The final phase of this program addresses the unlimited possibilities. It's an in-depth look at all of the ways life can become all that it was meant to be instead of just that which appears attainable.

It's time to use fear as a motivating factor rather than an immobilizing agent

If there's ever been a time when fear has stopped you from achieving your dream than this workshop will provide every tool necessary for success. Instead of being the victim of random events and bad luck, it's time to kick fear out of the driver's seat and take over.

Join me for a two-hour, workshop via teleseminar, now available as a replay. Investment to change your life is only $37.00. A replay will be available to all after the event.

No one but you have complete control over the life your living, so if you're tired of living life like a victim and you're ready to understand what it feels like to be powerful than this workshop will provide all the tools necessary to defeat the demon of fear and get on the fast-track for success. 

It's time to put fear in its place

If you've been living someone else's dream or if you've been too afraid to create and live your dream life, you must invest in this class. You're worth it and you deserve it. The truth is, you already have everything you need for success, you just have to learn how to use what you already have so you'll become a fearless success.

Put yourself back in the driver's seat of your life by joining me for a two-hour workshop via teleseminar, now available as a replay. Investment to defeat the demon of fear is just $37.00. A replay will be available after the event.

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