Are you ready to take charge of your emapthic power instead of allowing people to control your power? Do you want to be able to be able to interact with peopleand not worry about feeling panic or anxiety?Do you want to be free to choose how you feel instead of being subject to other people's feelings and fear?

A replay is now available to all, you'll still receive the full benefit of this class as well as all of the tools that will empower your life.

Here's what you'll learn when you choose to empower yourself:

Why you must begin and end your day secure within your own vibrational resonance.

Why shielding with intention and purpose beforehand is better than trying to untangle yourself from unwanted energy once you have already been exposed to it.

Why shielding is pointless unless you understand how to do it correctly.

Why your physical well-being is an important aspect of your overall well-being.

How to make your own personal talisman so you will always feel protected.

And how to create a daily routine that will empower you instead of causing you to feel drained and exhausted.

In addition you will learn:

A prayer of protection to Archangel Michael. A prayer of divine shielding to El Morya.

How to call on the angels for support.

How to bring yourself back to a place of peace and calm even while you are experiencing an attack.

And how you can maintain your own sense of stability while still doing good in the world and helping others.

To receive all of these empowering tools as well as a personal experience in shielding, Join me via replay.

It's only $37.00 to take your power back!

Empathic Empwerment Workshop

If you're ready to become empowered and to discover the blessing of being an empath instead of feeling cursed by your sensitivity then join me on your own healing journey to empowerment.You'll say good-bye to feeling weak and vulnerable and hello to feeling strong and protected.

Even if you already know all about what to do to protect yourself, unless you're free from unwanted energy, you aren't doing it successfully. Imagine how great it will feel to enter a room, a social situation or your workplace and know that you're in charge of how you feel.

Knowing what to do isn't enough! In this workshop you'll get the tools you need to properly shield and protect yourself and you'll also create powerful physical reminders of this truth.

Investment for this invaluable workshop as a replay is just $37.00

Diah Wymont - **********

There are a few definitions of a "healer" in the dictionary.
"a person or thing that mends or repairs something" "something that alleviates a person's distress or anguish"
Marcia has been an enormous aide in helping me repair myself to my true nature - not mending it but restoring me to me. Helping me let go of the un-wanted and know what I want-
yet not close the door on my past- but gain from it the knowledge and empowerment to move forward. By going on this journey with Marcia, not only have I alleviated much of my distress and anguish that was keeping me stuck, I have learned how to use such deterrents - surrender them to God and the Angels, to move forward finding and giving joy to myself and others.
You hear the term Life changing all the time… I don't believe anyone can change your life but you and your Higher Power. What I do believe is that you can learn life changing tools, ********** ten stars! and I encourage not just recommend others to Marcia.. if you want any tools to transform your life!

Tina Marlin - *****
I've had several sessions with Marcia and feel this has been a great benefit to me. Some of my 'old stuff' from ex-husband(s) had really been holding me back when it comes to manifestation. We've removed those blockages bit by bit. There may be more to be removed, but I feel we've made great strides already.

She really takes the time to learn the history, and to figure what is happening then she digs right in!

I highly recommend.

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