Reply is available to all. The workshop will last just over two hours. This workshop is offered by teleseminar and is open to everyone around the world. All participants will receive a replay of the class that you may access at any time so even if you cannot attend the live broadcast, you can still learn how to communicate with the angels via the replay.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to deepen their relationship with the angels and learn how to communicate with them more effectively. The investment to attend this class is $37.00

Replay now available!

The angels are all around us sharing messages of hope and clarity, help and love and they want you to be able to communicate with them.

                                                                   Painting by: Glenyss Bourner

If you're seeing repeating numbers, hearing songs on the radio or seeing messages on license plates, you're already in communication with the angels, but they want to share with you intimately and openly so you can receive the help you deserve. I can teach you how to talk with the angels.

               Painting by: Viola Sado      

How to Communicate With The Angels

As Featured On the Glitch Movie Podcast

                                                                    Painting by: Breten  Bryden

Join me for a two-hour workshop via teleseminar that will teach you how to communicate directly with the angelic realm. No more guessing what the message may be, no more hoping you understood, because now, you'll have direct contact with the angels and the answers you're seeking.

In this workshop, we'll explore three forms of communication. Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience so no matter your best point of access, you'll be able to call heaven and get an answer. I'll show you how to connect with the angels in the way that works best for you. Everyone has a direct line but not everyone has the same line so this workshop will ensure that everyone can ask for and receive answers from the angels.

In addition, you'll learn how to build and care for an angel altar. How to make a great decision the first time and every time and how to bless your water.

Bring our curiosity, your questions and a willing heart and I'll show you how to get the answers you seek. Investment for this workshop is $37.00